In AMERICAN FLOWERS we have rigorous standards in the different production processes in order to provide hydrangeas of excellent quality to all those people that receive our product.
We want to tell you something of what we do in order that the person who finally enjoys our hydrangeas, has the best experience with these extraordinary flowers.
In addition to having the best products for the care of hydrangeas in the cultivation process, friendly with the environment (approved by RAINFOREST ALLIANCE certification), we have strict processes in harvest and post-harvest, looking to improve the experience of the final consumer. One of these processes in harvest, is the cutting of our hydrangeas in optimal weather conditions, since if these flowers are cut with very hot weather, their dehydration process accelerates considerably. In the other side, when our hydrangeas are in the post-harvest rooms, they are placed in buckets which are carefully disinfected; These buckets contain fresh water with a product that improves the hydration of the hydrangeas. Our hydrangeas stay there at least for one day to ensure the proper hydration, or until the hydrangeas be completely dry (sometimes they get wet due to the constant rains of the sector, and this humidity generates phytosanitary problems when they are packed).
Another process related with care of our hydrangeas and the increase of the flower´s life and its duration in vase, is the aspersion with sealants. These products, seal the petals of the hydrangeas and diminish their perspiration (which, as mentioned in the previous article, is a generator of dehydration and subsequent wilting of flowers, especially of the hydrangeas) and consequently its water consumption. We have been verifying this aspect with numerous experiments in diverse conditions, finding excellent results.
This is all for this occasion, soon we hope to provide you with more information about hydrangeas and our way to grow and offer them to all those people who enjoy the hydrangeas as much as we do.